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If you made it to this page, I’m going to make the assumption that you are probably wondering who is this Maria chick, why does she think she can start a blog, and what the heck is MariaMedia. All very good questions, and I will do my best to answer them!

Reader’s Digest Version

MariaMedia is all about my journey into the next stage of my personal and professional life.

It’s about the media I enjoy and hope to share with other women. Music, books, films, yoga, spirituality, food, healthy living, supporting causes, sharing stories and how I work and live my life in a more enjoyable stress-free way – it’s all here in one big social media mash-up for women to enjoy.

It’s also a really cool consulting gig!

Embellished Version

I guess the best way to begin is to tell you the story of how I got to where I am today, and hopefully that will explain some (“some” being the definitive word) of the content in my head that ultimately makes it to this blog.

Let’s start at the very beginning…I was born the fifth and last child into a middle-class family in Northeast Ohio. Not exactly what most people would consider “the lucky sperm club,” but amazingly, I do feel incredibly lucky to be part of a large family and one that provided me with incredible opportunities and experiences throughout my life!

My parents were very generous and made sure my three older brothers and sister were not only clothed, fed, and schooled, but that we took family vacations each year, were exposed to good food, theatre, and activities like skiing, dance lessons, movies, and music, all of which developed my thirst for experiences like travel , the arts, and eating great food.

I grew up without cell phones and computers, which I think is really cool. It’s nice to have them now, but it was nice to grow up in a less technical, more innocent time. I also can remember watching the very first music videos on MTV (thank you Buggles and Pat Benetar), when they actually played videos on MTV.

I really did have long red hair and ponytails!

I don’t often tell them this, but my three older brothers were the coolest a girl could have. Yes, like all brothers they terrorized and teased the hell out of me. They would listen to rock ‘n’ roll music at extremely loud decibels in our house, pretty much whenever they could, and in their cars when schlepping me around to school and ballet class. At first my sister and I hated these assaults on our ear drums; we didn’t know we were being provided with our very own school of rock and that one day we would be huge fans of the rock ‘n’ roll genre!

My brothers saw many rock bands play live performances  –  Aerosmith, Kiss, Iggy Pop, Rush, David Bowie, The New York Dolls, Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, Devo, and Black Sabbath – at smaller venues in Akron and Cleveland before these musicians made it big and started selling out arenas. I still to this day cannot believe it, but my brothers were cool enough to start taking their kid sister to rock shows with them when I was just 13! I still can’t believe my mother let them! Before I was 16 I had seen Queen, Elton John, Kiss, Aerosmith, ELO, Bad Company, and many more, live in concert (and got to sneak a few beers too)! Needless to say my love for rock ‘n’ roll and seeing live concerts is still a huge passion in my life and a big part of the inspiration for “No Songs for Men,” my e-book web-series.

Hanging out with Ace & Peter - Kiss Concert 2009

The musical blood run deeps in my family, as I have two nephews who have started rock bands, I played in band all through high school (yes – I was a band fag!), and all of my siblings and I still spend a lot of our money each year going to live concerts. We are lucky that Northeast Ohio has such great music venues. I love music!

As we were growing up, my sister and brothers and I had an amazing knack to come up with our own special words to describe things. For example, if I was bothering my brother he would tell me I was grinding him or plucking his nerves. To this day I have continued to make up words as I see fit when the mood strikes. You will definitely see some of my words as you read the blog entries, so I’ll make sure I translate as I go along.'re plucking my nerves!

I was very fortunate to be the second member of my family to attend college and graduated not only with a BA, but with a student loan that was manageable to pay off in comparison to what students face today. When I went to Marietta College in the eighties, I was able to drink beer at 18 (well, actually, I started earlier than that, when I started using my sister’s ID) and attend college functions with free-flowing kegs of beer along with a group of really fun co-eds. College was awesome! Rules were blissfully less stringent then, and in a fortunate twist of fate, they got much stricter when my stepdaughters and nieces got their turn to go to college.

So after college I started to work, met my future husband (but didn’t know that at the time), fell in love and then promptly left him to move around the country to grow up, build my career, and get really good at long-distance dating and airport goodbyes. It took a while (8 years!), but I finally realized I did want to get married and my husband sealed the deal when he proposed to me on the Eiffel Tower (not the one in Vegas), a move that to this day I still give him props for! We’ve been happily married for 15 years.

I used to be a certified type A workaholic and CrackBerry addict. I paid my dues early in the fun and crazy world of advertising agencies, went over to the corporate marketing side to manage a few brands, and then went on to help start up a successful online advertising software solution.  I love to work and poured my heart and soul into my career, moved up the corporate ladder, and got the opportunity to take some much needed time off last year.

Not working is a surreal experience, especially if you are hard coded to work a crap load of hours every week and have been doing so ever since you graduated from college. If you ever get the chance to take off a summer or a couple of months from work, I highly recommend it! I was able to recharge the battery, spend some much needed time with my family and friends, travel, start exercising again, and enjoy my newfound free time.

Did this a lot this summer!

Although I enjoyed my few months of fun in the sun and will miss them dearly, I am back to work, but this time around pursuing my interests and putting all of that hard coded energy into the things I love to do. I’ll still work crazy hours – that’s just who I am – but this time around I know how important it is to make time for my other passions too. I’ll be cooking great meals and eating dinner with my husband at a reasonable hour, going to yoga and Zumba classes and having fun while I stay in shape mentally and physically, reading lots of great books, writing lots of great stories, combining my love of music with my work, enjoying great experiences…and through all of these activities creating MariaMedia.

MariaMedia is all about my journey into this next stage of my life. It’s about the media I enjoy and hope to share with other women. Music, books, films, yoga, spirituality, food, healthy lifestyles, supporting causes, sharing stories and how I work and live my life in a more enjoyable stress-free way – it’s all here in one big social media mash-up for women to enjoy!  Still curious about MariaMedia, take the MariaMedia 101 crash course.

If you are one of my friends (BTW – thank you for being a friend!) or a family member, please rest assured that I will not be writing about you or putting your picture up on my blog (unless you want me to), as MariaMedia is dedicated solely to my journey and the pursuit of my dreams and passions.


Yep – those are my pretty manicured toenails lounging on a catamaran this past fall on the journey to my new life – one that is a lot less stressful and way more fun!

Thanks for visiting MariaMedia. I hope you will continue to come back and enjoy the journey with me.

Live, Laugh, Rock,