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Are You a Sex Symbol?

sex symbolsBeing a sex symbol has to do with an attitude, not looks. Most men think it’s looks; most women know otherwise. —Kathleen Turner

Right on, Kathleen! Every woman has the power to be a sex symbol. It all comes from inside by exercising strong self-esteem, believing in yourself, and serving up a big fat daily helping of ’tude! I find that a pair of stilettos and a padded push-up bra (for us flat-chested gals) can also go a long way in lifting up that attitude factor.

If you don’t know who Kathleen Turner is, she is an incredibly talented (and sexy) American actress. She has starred in many movies, including Body Heat (her breakout role), Romancing the Stone (one of my favorites), Prizzi’s Honor (for which she won a Golden Globe), and Peggy Sue Got Married (she got an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for this role).

Her bouts with rheumatoid arthritis slowed her down for a while, but she bounced back, and I love the fact that at the age of 45, she had the balls (and the attitude!) to appear nude on stage in a remake of The Graduate.

Kathleen currently is the chair of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Board of Advocates and has testified before Congress on Title X, America’s family-planning program, and on the Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage Act (EPICC). She is a huge proponent and very outspoken about changing current social attitudes about women’s health and women’s health choices. Thank you, Kathleen, for standing up for women’s rights…you rock!

You can read more about Kathleen in her autobiography titled Send Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love, and Leading Roles.

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