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Beach Yoga Rocks!


It finally was nice enough yesterday for the great team at Oceanfront Fitness & Yoga in Virginia Beach to take the morning yoga class to the beach. I’ve done yoga on the beach once before on vacation, but I forgot how amazing it is! The sound of the waves, the wind on my face, and the beautiful view add a whole new dimension to a yoga practice and gave me the perfect yoga high.

As I stood in tree and mountain pose, I loved looking out at the beautiful rolling surf. With the sun warming my body and my gaze out over the horizon, I’ve never felt more fierce in warrior 2 pose.

But the best part of beach yoga is savasana. The sound of the waves is the perfect accompaniment to the relaxing final pose of practice, and it just feels so much better on a beach towel on the beach versus a yoga mat on a hard wooden floor.

It’s going to be hard to go back to indoor yoga next week.

Photo: Vivek Chugh, Inc.

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