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Beaches and Beer (BB#2)

Beer in Sunset

Hope you had a wonderful and long holiday weekend! Mine was a blast and, as I predicted, I am sunburned, a tad bit bloated, and very happy. It is going to take me a day or two to get back into the groove after spending all weekend by the water, on the water, in the water, and drinking lots of water…and other adult beverages.

I realized that I have not posted a “Beaches and Beer” photo series installment since back in February, and that is just a sin, so I promise to make up for it with several new installments over the next few months.

Margaritas on the Fremont River

This shot was taken at Jimmy Buckkett’s, a tropical tiki bar that you’ll find if you happen to float down the Fremont River. You can pull your boat or Jet Ski right up to the dock, lounge on the man-made beach, enjoy cold beverages and barbecue, and listen to great music (most summer weekends they have live bands).

Margaritas at Jimmy Buckett's

I was enjoying a Mike’s Hard Margarita…not a beer, but a member of the malt beverage family, so that’s close enough. It’s actually a pretty good-tasting margarita and has a smooth, faintly salty, lightly sweetened taste. The label says it is flavored partly with agave nectar, which, in my book, is a pretty cool way to sweeten a beverage! When served cold this is a refreshing, fruity, lime drink with the added bonus of being 5.5% alcohol by volume. On a hot July afternoon, it tasted amazing.

The bar at Jimmy Buckett's

One last picture because I couldn’t resist. You gotta love a red plastic palm tree with blue coconuts in northeast Ohio.

Fun, red, palm tree on a beautiful July afternoon

Is it Friday yet?!

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