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Beaches & Beer!

Aaahhh, two of my most favorite things…a cold brew and a beautiful beach! I started taking pictures of my beach beer escapades quite a few years ago and have some great pics to share.

The beer and the beach are always the stars of the photo shoot, except on some occasions when a cocktail or glass of wine is the drink of the day! Here’s a favorite from a recent trip in the Caribbean:

Carib - the local brew of Grenada

This picture was taken at La Sagesse Beach on the southern coast of the island of Grenada. We stopped here for a Carib beer and beach break while touring the island and were just about the only people roaming this beautiful shore lined with lush coconut trees.

The pink building you see in the background is part of the La Sagesse Beach Nature Reserve and Country Inn. If you are looking for a secluded, romantic getaway, this is the place to go! Caribbean Travel and Life named it “one of the ten most romantic sites in the Caribbean.”

Being that it is January in NE Ohio, I really shouldn’t be dwelling on the beach and beer, but I can always compensate with a cold IPA in front of a warm fireplace.

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