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I’m a Sea-Doo Babe

Sailor GirlLast week I took a Sea-Doo (Jet Ski) ride on Lake Erie to Margaritaville, a local watering hole with an awesome deck that overlooks Cold Creek in Sandusky, Ohio. On weekends in the summer, the place packs in plenty of bikers and party lovers for cold brews, great margaritas, live bands, and tasty Mexican food. It’s a fun place to pull up and dock the Sea-Doo for a little island-time refreshment.

As I looked around the crowd (I love to people watch) I noticed all of the biker babes and thought to myself, Hey, I got here on a motorized vehicle too, I must be a Sea-Doo babe! I love biker babes, but got to thinking about it and came to this conclusion—I think it might just be a little better to be a Sea-Doo babe than a biker babe and here’s why:

1) Biker babes always wear jeans and a lot of clothes to protect against the elements. Sea-Doo babes wear as little clothing as possible. The more clothes we shed, the better.

2) Biker babes cover their skin with tattoos. Sea-Doo babes cover their skin with sunscreen.

3) Sea Doo babes get to learn cool stuff, like how to tie nautical knots.

4) It can get awfully hot on a motorcycle when riding in the summer. On the Sea-Doo we get splashed with water all the time, keeping Sea-Doo babes cool in the summer heat.

5) Biker babes have to wear shoes while riding.

6) Biker babes have to wear helmets. Sea-Doo babes have to wear life jackets, but at least those don’t mess up our hair.

7) Sea-Doo babes are more naut-y that biker babes (sorry, had to throw that one out there).

I think the only drawback to being a Sea-Doo babe is that the Doo has to be docked at dusk, whereas the biker babes get to ride all night! Whether your a biker babe or a sea-doo babe, enjoy the summer and ride safe!

See Doos at SunsetPhoto: Peter Ong

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» Rjc73 said: { Jul 26, 2010 - 4:49 PM }

you go girl, wheres the next excursion??

» MariaSantoferraro said: { Jul 26, 2010 - 6:49 PM }

I think we need a ride to PIB or Pelee! It is Monday and of course it is a perfect Pelee day at the lake.