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I Think I’m in Shape…OMG, I’m So Not in Shape!

Men racing bikes up a hill

Well, I got my bubble burst this past weekend. I’ve been working out a lot lately with a mix of yoga, Zumba®, bike riding, and long walks on the beach. I felt like I was getting in pretty good shape and my body was toning up. That is until I was thrust into the Vermilion Harbour Triathlon, held August 14 and 15, in Vermilion, Ohio.

It all happened when I decided to get up early on Sunday morning to go out for a bike-ride workout before it got too hot. Riding along on one of my back-road jaunts, I started to see flashing lights and flags, and all of a sudden, my chosen route had put me smack-dab on the second leg of the triathlon, the 20k (or 40k, if you really want some fun) bike ride. I actually wanted to turn around, but my co-rider insisted we move forward since we would only be on the trail for a short while before we would turn off (and don’t worry, we got the blessing of the local police as they waved us through).

As soon as we turned onto the street we were instantly transported into the Tour de France Vermilion. There were people on the sides of the streets cheering us on, taking pictures, and offering us water.

We peddled along, hugging the right side of the road so as not to delay the triathlon competitors as they whizzed by us in their skin-tight biking apparel, clip-on bike shoes, and aerodynamic helmets. I swear there was not an ounce of body fat to be seen in a three-mile radius. Not only were these riders kicking our ass, they were doing so after already swimming the first leg of the race in Lake Erie. I’ve never felt so out of shape in my entire life.

At one point a buff athletic woman rode past me and yelled out enthusiastically, “You’re doing great. Keep it up.”

I yelled back to her, “Thanks, but we’re not in the race.”

I could barely hear her reply, as she like all the other triathlon participants had zoomed by me by now, but I think she said, “I know!”

Was it that obvious we weren’t part of the triathlon? I’m suspecting the combination of our Erie Kai Tavern T-shirts, non-aerodynamic baseball caps, mountain bikes, and our exceptionally laggard speed may have clued her in.

We finally made it to our turnoff and had a good laugh about being the most out-of-shape participants in the triathlon. I have to admit, the experience didn’t make me want to train to be a triathlete, but it did motivate me to push myself harder in my yoga practice and workout routines. Perhaps I could get into just a little better shape.

We decided to attend next year’s Vermilion Harbour Triathlon, but this time we’ll be on the shores of Lake Erie at Linwood Park as spectators.

Photo: Paul Chessare

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» TRR said: { Aug 20, 2010 - 2:33 AM }

You are too hard on yourself! Those people vigorously train for months before a race..they don't all look that way ALL the time! But hey, if it gives you motivation to work harder than so be it. You were out there doing something besides watching! That's awesome in its own right :-)

» Nicole said: { Sep 16, 2010 - 1:35 AM }

haha that is great!!!
Thanks for the blog comment. I'll be enrolling in a 6 month program that is every other weekend. I'm already doing some workshops and classes now in advance as part of the program.