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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Here in Ohio, we’ve had the white thing covered for quite a few weeks, with more snow in the forecast for Christmas Eve (woo hoo!). So, with that in mind, I’ll be taking my dreams the green Christmas route.  One without conspicuous consumption and recycle bins full of used holiday accoutrements.

Show your respect for Mother Earth and adopt a few new green traditions this year. To get you started, check out this list from Eartheasy with tips from how to shop and buy green, to recycling your wrapping paper and holiday cards. I’m happy to report that it is now officially cool to wrap your presents in used newspapers or the comics page (I’ve been doing this for years and never knew I was being green).

At Christmas and throughout the New Year, give a gift to the planet and everyone who lives on it by being ecologically conscious.

Wishing you a Green Christmas and an eco-friendly New Year!

Green Holiday Image by: Madhaven M

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