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It’s All Semantics

“An unbelievably large part of happiness/unhappiness is determined by semantics; e.g., the couple who used to be childless is now ‘child-free.’ A nudist colony (tacky) is now a ‘clothes-free resort’ (not quite so tacky). So…you are not dateless, you are date-free. Bald is dandruff immune. In starvation circumstances fatsos are better equipped than skinnies. Having the flu means you get to say in bed and lose weight. Having a cold means you get to stay in bed and eat. Splitting up with a suitor means you have more time for your friends. Being fired means having a chance to discover what you really want to do. Being robbed will free you from being attached to possessions—a significant karmic benefit.” —Mary Cantwell and Amy Gross, from a 1973 Mademoiselle section on happiness

I like this semantic happiness philosophy! So, let’s see, today…

I am not inflexible; I am gaining flexibility through yoga.

I am not disorganized; I am an order-free individual (I like that one—sounds very liberating).

I’m not having a bad day; I’m having a kick-myself-in-the-ass-for-thinking-I’m-having-a-bad-day-and–just-being-happy-that-I’m-alive-and-kicking kind of day.

I am not getting old; I’m becoming more of what I am already (a magnificent middle-aged mama).

So, what can you turn around today with the use of happiness semantics?

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