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Make Your Own Dress

Eiffel Tower in Paris“Off-the-rack solutions, like bargain basement dresses, never fit anyone.” —Françoise Giroud

Don’t be afraid to make your own dress every once in a while. Yeah, it’s a lot more work, and the results aren’t guaranteed, but you just might create something unique that is the perfect fit!

I’m living this quote every day because my new career path is definitely not an off-the-rack solution.

Françoise Giroud was a French writer, journalist, screenwriter, and politician. She started out as a script-girl and went on to write screenplays, books, and became the editor of Elle magazine for several years before cofounding the French newsmagazine L’Express. A special issue of L’Express covered Giroud’s passing. It stated: “Women everywhere have lost something. Ms. Giroud defended them so intelligently and so strongly.”

Thanks, Françoise, the hidden Frenchwoman in me says…you rock!

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