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Oscar Party Recap!

It’s very late! Great Oscar show, greaty party, great friends & family – whew I’m exhausted! I need to get to bed – but just wanted to share the details of the menu and a few pics.  You can see all of the pics on Facebook and I’ll be uploading the rest after I get some sleep!

CONGRATS Kathryn Bigelow for your Best Director win!  So excited about that!

Party Menu

Avatar – Blue corn chips, blue nacho cheese dip, blue licorice, blue vodka (SKYY Vodka!), blueberries…I like eating BLUE.

Up in The Air – airline peanuts, airline cocktails and lots of hotel and airline frequent flier cards.

District 9 – Prawns & Cat food

An Education – Birthday cake and a slice of Paris

Precious – Collard greens

A Serious Man – Matzo Ball Soup

Up – cartoon donuts, chocolate, prunes and helium

The Hurt Locker - a middle eastern food feast and bourbon!

The Blind Side – no Taco Bell, but some tasty deviled eggs were served

Inglorious Basterds - Apple strudel and creme fresh

More details to follow……..

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