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Strike a Pose and Take a Picture

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I’ve been writing a lot about savasana, the time at the end of yoga class where you lie still, breathe, and seal in your yoga practice. It’s basically a mini nap, and how cool is it that you get to take a nap at the end of a workout?! I never take naps on my own, so savasana, to me, is a guilty pleasure and unexpected delight.

I recently went to a more challenging Vinyasa yoga class and really got a great yoga workout. The instructor that day did an incredible job of taking the class through the relaxation process during savasana. It was wonderful listening to his calming voice and following his directions to get into a deeper state of relaxation.

So, while in savasana he asked us all to remember the state of calm we were in, to take that feeling throughout our day, and to come back to it whenever we encounter stressful situations. I was feeling rather yummy at the time, so I am doing my best to remember that place so I can visit it whenever I need to feel at peace. Yeah, I’ll take that savasana to go!

Next time you’re in savasana, take a mental picture of your calm, peaceful state and tuck it away in your brain’s internal photo journal for future use.

Photo: Lianne van der Laan

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