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If You Like Glee, You’ll Love This Version Of Bad Romance

Posted on May 11th, 2010 by Maria Santoferraro

I love a good rip on a music video, and these cute boys from the University of Oregon do a fantastic take on Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. They’ve got it going on with great a capella voices and slick choreographed moves. I bet their parents are proud! I wonder if it’s beneficial nowadays to claim […]

All I Want To Do Is Have Some Fun!

Posted on May 11th, 2010 by Maria Santoferraro

“There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.” –Mary Little Now there’s a new and interesting take on having too much on your plate. Instead of worrying about not getting everything checked off your 2 Do list, think about all the fun […]

How To Form A Book Club That Doesn’t Suck

Posted on April 20th, 2010 by Maria Santoferraro

I can’t tell you how many women have told me over the years that they are in a horrible book club or would like to be in a book club but are afraid because they’ve heard the horror stories of being involved in one. I won’t lie; there are a lot of associated risks involved: […]

Never Act Your Age – But Do Act Like Your Mother

Posted on March 20th, 2010 by Maria Santoferraro

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I have never really been bothered by aging. Deep down inside I’m 25 at heart and thinking that I’m still looking good (yes, I’m delusional), but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my age. There’s something about a birthday—especially birthdays when you start turning the corner and […]

Oscar Party Food Theme – Booze and Raw Beef!

Posted on March 3rd, 2010 by Maria Santoferraro

Since I last wrote about my Oscar food theme dilemma this year, I’ve been busy catching the nominated flicks at the Cineplex and on DVD, and as of today, here’s my official viewing scorecard: Seen – 7:  Avatar, Up in the Air, Inglourious Basterds, A Serious Man, The Blind Side, The Hurt Locker, District 9 […]

Drinking and Learning Can Be Fun!

Posted on February 16th, 2010 by Maria Santoferraro

Hey, it’s not always just about getting a buzz; sometimes you can turn imbibing into an educational and cultural experience. I had the pleasure of doing just that when I attended a champagne and chocolate tasting last week at the Akron Art Museum.  It also served as a great venue to host my MariaMedia launch […]

My Top Ten List of Reasons Why I Love Yoga

Posted on February 8th, 2010 by Maria Santoferraro

I started taking yoga about five years ago and fell in love with it. Not only was it a great workout, it was just what I needed to stretch and strengthen my back, and it provided a much needed sense of calm at that time in my life. Unfortunately, I was swallowed up by my […]

Holy Crap, There Are Ten Best Picture Nominations!

Posted on February 7th, 2010 by admin

A few weeks ago, I read that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was going to nominate 10 movies in the Best Picture category this year. I really didn’t think that much about it at the time and thought it was kind of cool that more movies would have a chance to gain […]

Beaches & Beer!

Posted on January 21st, 2010 by admin

Aaahhh, two of my most favorite things…a cold brew and a beautiful beach! I started taking pictures of my beach beer escapades quite a few years ago and have some great pics to share. The beer and the beach are always the stars of the photo shoot, except on some occasions when a cocktail or […]