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Taking My Learning Off the Mat

Three scoops of ice cream on a cone

In a recent blog I wrote about an important lesson I learned from the teachings of Gurudev Shri Amritji (Yogi Amrit Desai)—we create our own world by how we create our perceptions.

This lesson came into play last week when I was trying to get to my yoga class. There was a huge storm earlier in the afternoon, but the rain had ceased, the sun was out, and I headed for class with the convertible top down. As always, I left a little later than I should, and when I got a few miles from class, I was totally bummed when I came upon a traffic backup. I never run into traffic in this area, so I got a little frustrated and hoped I would be on my way soon and still make it to class on time. I finally realized the reason for the delay—the road ahead was blocked off due to fallen trees and power lines, and traffic was being diverted down a different road. When the traffic finally started to move again, I took the detour while I tried to figure out how I could get to my class in the direction they were taking me, only to be diverted again another mile down the street. At this point I had no idea how to get back to where I was going, and if I did, I’d never make it to class on time.

I turned the car around and headed for home. I really wanted to go to yoga, but instead of being frustrated by the detours and upset about missing class, I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the evening and spend some time with my husband. I went home, picked him up, and took him out for ice cream. I didn’t get the yoga stretches I needed for my body, but a spontaneous ice cream date with my husband was just as therapeutic.

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