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Thank You for Flying Yoga Airlines

Travel Girl

The other night in yoga class, we went from standing split pose to airplane pose, which, if you have ever done it before, is really hard to do and still keep your balance.

Airplane pose is not one of my favorites. You have to stand on one leg, raise the other leg behind you, and then put both of your arms out in front of you—all while staying balanced and not falling on your face. I always lose my balance and can never hold the pose as long as the instructor asks.

As I struggled in the pose, the instructor told us to fly away in the pose, to let our thoughts and bodies take us wherever we wanted to go on our airplane. Tahiti, Paris, the Bahamas—the possibilities were endless, and I loved the idea of letting myself go on a little mini holiday right in the middle of yoga class. No reservations required, no security lines, no packing; I could go anywhere I wanted.

Before I knew it we had reached our destination, another pose, and I had made it through airplane pose without losing my balance.

I’ll be frequently flying on Yogi Airlines for the rest of my life. I hope they have a frequent-flier club.

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