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The Next Time You Have to Walk the Red Carpet…

Red Carpet Success“There is only one proper way to wear a beautiful dress: to forget you are wearing it.”
Delphine de Girardin

I thought this advice would be helpful for all of you who have to get gussied up for a big event. When you put on that party dress, accessorize it with a little attitude, and the rest will come naturally. If you believe you are elegant, you will be. Dress with attitude…I like it!

Woman Who Rocks: Delphine de Girardin

Occupation: French author

Life Span: January 24, 1804 – June 29, 1855

Why She Rocks: She published a number of comedies, novels, and short stories and exercised considerable personal influence on the literary society of her time. Under the pseudonym Charles de Launay, she published what may have been the first gossip column, with the hugely successful Lettres parisiennes.

Nickname: Her pen name was Vicomte Delaunay.

Fun Facts: In 1827 she was enthusiastically welcomed by the literati of Rome and crowned in the capitol.

What You Need to Know: Her living room salon was a pretty cool place to hang out. You never knew if you would bump into Honoré de Balzac, Alfred de Musset, or Victor Hugo.

Image: Kostya Kisleyko

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