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What I Learned at Yoga Day Camp – The Final Lesson!

Woman in Yoga Pose

“Fire the judge and hire the witness.”

–Gurudev Shri Amritji

So many times in yoga class I look around and compare myself to others.

Why can’t I reach my toes like her?

Will you just look at that show-off over there doing the head stand.

Why is my body so inflexible?

It’s time to fire that judge inside my head. Just turn it right off and instead be the witness to how amazing my body and yoga practice has become.

Want a little tip on how to do this? Close your eyes! I can’t do it in every pose, or else I’d fall over, but when you can, close your eyes to quiet that inner judge. With eyes closed I can’t focus on others, and I’m free to witness what my body is experiencing.

Witness the beauty in life and in others, instead of always being a judge. This is a lesson that can and should be applied off the yoga mat as well. Except, please be careful with the eyes closed part!

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