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What is the Meaning of…that Book?

Woman Reading book

“The answers you get from literature depend upon the questions you pose.” —Margaret Atwood

This is Margaret’s second appearance on the “Women Who Rock” page. Her first appearance was on May 7, 2010, and I’m sure this will not be her last, as she is a prolific writer, feminist, and social activist.

I agree with Margaret that the questions we pose about the literature we read is important, but I also think it is important to discuss the books that you read with others. As part of a book club, I get the opportunity to discuss books that I’ve read with a group of intelligent women. I am always amazed at the different interpretations the other members of my group have of the books we read. It provides a much richer reading experience to learn what others thought of the work, to be able to ask questions about the authors intentions or style of writing, to find out which characters they loved or hated, and the emotions it evoked.

If you have always wanted to be in a book club and don’t know how to get started, please check out this blog entry: “How to Form a Book Club That Doesn’t Suck.”

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