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What the heck is the D.D.D.?

What’s a Downward Dog, you ask?!

It’s just the most famous and highly practiced yoga posture of all time – that’s all!

If they gave out Oscars for yoga, this pose would have won Best Picture and I’m sure a Lifetime Achievement Award.

For me it is the quintessential pose, and one that inspires me each and every time I practice yoga.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a yoga class without a few downward facing dogs thrown in. In fact, the downward dog is typically a pose that is done many times throughout a yoga practice. It is a restorative pose, and one that strengthens and stretches almost every muscle in the body. My back would like to thank the downward facing dog for the many hours of pain relief it has provided.

When I first start a yoga practice my body struggles to move into this pose, and my feet aren’t even close to being flat on the ground. They say some people will never get their feet to touch the ground in this pose, and I’m pretty sure I’m one of those people. During that first downward dog I’m feeling weak and inflexible and my yoga breathing kicks into full gear to get me through the pose. As the class continues, the instructor takes us through numerous downward dogs. I push myself so I get what I came for, my body warms up, and miraculously, by the end of class that downward dog feels oh so good as it stretches out my lower back, arms, and legs. My breathing is calm, AND I’m getting those feet just a little closer to the floor…aah, I love yoga!

So the Daily Downward Dog will be dedicated to sharing fun and enlightening items about my journey into yoga and meditation and life in general.  By daily I mean Monday through Friday, and I reserve the right to ask for a get out of jail free card when I need a break for some extended meditation – OM!

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» Ty said: { Dec 13, 2011 - 8:18 PM }

Let me aware you: downward dog stretches a lot of important muscles, but it doesn’t stretch ‘every’ muscle in the body, as you say.

One very good example of muscles not stretched are the quadriceps and the hip flexors, since the knees are extended and the hips are flexed.

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