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Wine and Sunsets

Sunset through a wine glass

It was a great weekend for sunsets on Lake Erie. I posted my pictures from the Friday night sunset on the MariaMedia Facebook page and here are a few of the amazing sights I enjoyed while sipping a chilled glass of chardonnay on Sunday night after all the storms passed through.

It was really dark after the storm and I didn’t think we would get a sunset, but the bright white light of the sun starting poking through the clouds.

Sunset June 27

And turned into an orange ball dropping into the lake.

Sunset progression on June 27

Lighting up the sky and the water with amazing shades of orange, purple pink, red and yellow.

the beautiful colors of the sunset

It’s just about to drop all the way into the horizon…

Sunset June 27 Vermilion Ohio

Leaving its calling card on the clouds and water for us to enjoy a while longer. What a great way to end an amazing summer weekend!

The final colors of the sunset

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