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Women Don’t Give Your Power Away

Women Who Rock Icon“Unfortunately, there are still many women in the business world who refuse to support women. I call them the “Honorary Males,” women who think that power is to be had only in the company of men. Women must realize they have power—economic and political. Don’t give your power away; use it for yourself and for the benefit of other women. —Ginger Purdy

Ginger, you rock! I love this quote and, speaking from experience, I know it is true in the corporate world.

If you are a woman in a position to help another woman in her career—be it giving advice, mentoring, hiring, recommending, or just speaking kindly and building her up—please do so, it is so important. I recently wrote a blog about the importance of women being role models and talked about Carol Peter, a woman in my career who was my role model, taught me so much, and motivated me to help mentor other women.

Ginger Purdy’s passion is women, and her advocacy work on their behalf has taken her all over the world. She is a 35-plus-year veteran of advertising and public relations (if you can make it that long in the field of advertising, you are pretty damn amazing in my book!). She is the founding president of Network Power/Texas, a 20-year-old nonprofit corporation that promotes equity and self-sufficiency for women through educational programs and services. She is the founder and president emeritus of the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce and is currently on several committees at the University of Texas at San Antonio, including the Center for the Study of Women and Gender.

Ginger has a book out titled Come on In, There’s Room for Us All. Here’s a brief excerpt on Amazon that describes the book and has intrigued me enough to buy it.

For too long women have allowed minor differences to cause major divisions among them. They have let “those in power” use subtle and not so subtle means to keep women apart. Not any more! The 4th United Nation’s World Conference on Women showed Ginger Purdy that it was time to go public with her “Middle Woman” philosophy. This late-blooming leader is on a crusade to unite “Middle Women” everywhere. Together women can make miracles happen!

What in the world is a ”Middle Woman?”

Did you ever wonder where you fit in the Women’s Movement?

Were you turned off by extremists at either end of the Women’s Movement? Did you ever say, “I’m a Feminist, but?”

Do you think women should be paid the same as men for work of equal value?

If you have answered yes to these questions then you are one of Ginger Purdy’s “Middle Women.” For reasons that must be respected there are many of us who were never active in women’s quest for equality…until now.

Find out exactly what a “Middle Woman” is and how she plays a pivotal role in the future of women’s well-being.

Spending three weeks in Beijing, China, in the fall of 1995, Ginger saw with her own eyes an amazing phenomenon: the women of the world uniting, as never before, to work for human rights as women’s rights. It changed her life. Now let her story change yours.

I answered YES to all of those questions, so I am definitely a Middle Woman and can’t wait to read more about it. I’ll be sure to write a review about this book when I’m finished. If you have read it, please let me know what you thought.

Come On In, There’s Room For Us All

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