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Women Who Rock

Rocker Chick

As part of my work on No Songs for Men, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on women rock ’n’ rollers, from the early pioneers, like Fanny and Joan Jett, and all the way to The Dollyrots. Here’s just a few of the cool Web sites I’ve found that celebrate women who rock.

Women Rock Radio — The name says it all. Women Rock Radio is the premier showcase for women who simply rock and rock hard. You can listen to great rock by all female artists either online or download the app to your iPhone. This one is on my favorites list!

The Cover Zone: Celebrating the Women of Rock — This Web site focuses on female musicians and bands with a wide variety of photos, interviews, lyrics, discographies, MP3s, videos, and contests. It’s a great site to read about women rock legends and get information about today’s hottest women rock bands.

Fanny: The Original Grandmothers of Rock — These four women were one of the first all-female rock bands and the second to be signed to a major label. Check out “The Way It Was” section to really get to know the band and learn how they broke through the male-dominated world of rock.

VH1: 100 Greatest Women in Rock & Roll — In 1999 VH1 asked many of today’s top music artists to name their choices for the greatest women in rock ’n’ roll. This list was reposted at, with added sublinks for additional information, including career timelines on many of the artists. It’s been over ten years, so I’d love to see this list updated.

Girls Rock!: Fifty Years of Women Making Music — This one isn’t a Web site, but a great book I stumbled upon. Although women have been writing and performing rock music for decades, little has been written about their relationship to the industry and how they construct identities as rock ’n’ roll artists. Girls Rock! examines the determination, motivation, and passion of the female rock ’n’ rollers working in a male-dominated field. Whether learning an instrument, starting a garage band, or headlining a stadium concert, women are taking an increasingly visible and feminist stand in the music business and inspiring audiences, other musicians, and fans all over the world.

Stay posted. I’ll keep doing research and providing links to the best sources of information on women who rock!

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