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Yoga Mile-High Club

airplane in the clouds

I’ve always wanted to join the mile-high club. It just sounds so kinky, and I love doing things I’m not supposed to do. Unfortunately, most of the times I traveled and really wanted to relieve some stress, I was traveling alone on business.

Now I’ve discovered a completely different way to cut tension and get an amazing high while 30,000 feet above sea level—airplane yoga.

Next time you are sitting on that long flight, bored, desperately trying to inch away from the overweight seatmate invading your personal space, instead of reaching for a drink from the cocktail cart, pull out your handy pocket-size book of airplane yoga poses. A new book, Airplane Yoga contains 45 yoga poses that you can do from the comfort of your airplane seat—no mat required.

If your muscles are sore from sitting or you need to calm your jitters, try a few Mile-High Head Tilts or Runway Spinal Rolls to increase your circulation and set you back on course. Seated next to that chatty person who won’t stop talking? I can’t think of a better way to get them to shut up than by doing a few airplane-friendly downward dogs. If you want to meet someone on a flight, I’m sure this would be a great conversation starter.

On a business trip and need to clear your mind before landing? Try a little Meal Tray Meditation.

Thank you, Bess Abrahams and Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, yoga travel goddesses, for this wonderful yoga practice. I can’t wait to try these yoga poses on my next trip, get my yoga high, and finally become a member of the mile-high (yoga) club!

Airplane Yoga

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