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Yoga Self-Discipline

Downward Dog Yoga PoseI was away from my yoga studio last week and without a good yoga DVD, so I decided to lead my own class. I’ve never self-directed myself through yoga, and I wondered if I would have the self-discipline to keep it up for an entire hour. Typically, when I exercise at home, I’m really good at talking myself into fewer repetitions of the exercises I dislike (which is just about anything abdominal). I also somehow manage to get too comfortable lying on the floor after doing sit-ups and end up taking little power naps, so the resting yoga poses had me a bit concerned.

I started out my self-guided yoga class with a few variations of sun salutations, did some balancing poses, and then went to the floor for some abdominal work, bridge pose, and hip openers. So far, so good and no nap lapses.

To help me get through the class, I did have a few environmental advantages. I was doing yoga while I gazed out at Lake Erie, with a cool breeze, the sun had started to set and was glistening on the water, and the sound of waves provided the perfect soundtrack. These special accoutrements kept me from looking at the clock and helped me get totally immersed in the moment.

Of course, I had no trouble getting into savasana pose, and I finished my class off with a few moments of meditation with the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. When I finally stood up and looked at the clock, more than an hour had passed, and not only did I have a great yoga high, but I had the satisfaction of knowing that I had directed myself through a peaceful and productive yoga practice.

Wow, yet another benefit of yoga, it has helped me achieve self-discipline while working out at home!

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